Penn Guardian is a free and optional service that is available to anyone with a valid Penn ID number and Penn Email Address.

How Penn Guardian Works

Penn Guardian is a service that allows you to rapidly provide information about you to the Division of Public Safety during an emergency.

By building a personal profile, information about you can be immediately accessed by PennComm dispatchers should you call Public Safety from a registered cellphone.

Penn Guardian can also provide police with GPS coordinates from your phone, which can decrease response time and allow first responders to locate you should you not be able to give them your location.

Email us with any questions or concerns: pennguardian(at)

Features & Support

Registering for Penn Guardian
Registering for the Penn Guardian System is quick and easy! Simply visit and sign up with your Penn email address. Update your profile by adding information such as your physical description, a photo, your address, known allergies or other optional medical information. Lastly, choose a unique PIN number and you are fully registered to use Penn Guardian.

Personal Profile

With Penn Guardian you can build a unique personal profile that instantaneously provides DPS dispatchers with critical information should you call them from your registered phone number. All information provided by you is 100% optional and is only seen when you call 215-573-3333 for assistance.

GPS Tracking

Penn Guardian allows for GPS tracking to be activated on your phone. If you need immediate assistance, but are unable to give your location, Penn Guardian helps Police and emergency responders locate you. Your location is never visible to DPS unless you call 215-573-3333.

Text Message Service

Text messaging between you and our PennComm Operations Center can now be activated by a dispatcher should you be in a situation in which you can not speak. After you call for assistance, if you do not communicate verbally, a text message will be sent to you from the dispatcher. You will be able to respond and provide any information via text.

(note: a phone call must be placed to PennComm first. Users can not initiate the conversation with a text message.)

Protecting Your Privacy

We want you to feel confident that any information you provide for the Penn Guardian system is kept completely confidential. DPS never sees your information or tracks your location unless you contact us for assistance.

DPS also has worked with the Office of Audit, Compliance & Privacy to ensure our Vendor follows the University of Pennsylvania’s standards for data protection.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? View our frequently asked questions section to learn more about Penn Guardian. You may also contact the Division of Public Safety at pennguardian(at) and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.