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The UPPD, in conjunction with the management staff in PennComm & Emergency Communications, holds a “PennStat” meeting on a monthly basis for all Police supervisors and commanders, modeled on the “COMPSTAT” (abbreviated for computer statistics) national crime reduction strategy, first implemented by the New York City Police Department in 1994. Like CompStat, PennStat is a multifaceted system for managing police operations and developing sound policy decisions regarding patrol deployment strategies.

The underlying goal of PennStat is to develop and disseminate information on issues of crime in the Penn patrol zone, using crime mapping technology. Crime statistics and maps are projected onto overhead screens, and UPPD commanders are asked to respond to queries about the most strategically-based ways in which they can respond to crime and quality-of-life issues. Crime reports include daily (broken down into the three shifts of the 24-hour cycle), weekly, monthly and yearly compilations about patterns, reoccurrences and geographic clusters of various criminal activities.

PennStat not only provides a strategic opportunity to exercise crime control through evidence-based procedures, but also promotes accountability within the Penn Police Department, increases police supervisors’ control over field operations and strengthens overall policing skills.

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