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Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between UPPD and PPD

In 1997, Penn Police and the Philadelphia Police Department entered into a Memorandum of Understanding which explains the working relationship between the departments. This document formally defined the Penn Patrol Zone, and explains the roles, responsibilities and resources available to each department.

What is the Penn Police Patrol Zone?

The primary responsibilities of the UPPD are crime prevention, abatement and investigation within the Penn patrol zone jurisdiction, which extends from 30th Street to 43rd Street (east to west) and Market Street to Baltimore Avenue (north to south).

Why do I see Penn Police beyond the Penn Patrol Zone?

UPPD officers are also empowered to exercise authority beyond their primary jurisdiction under certain circumstances.

UPPD officers may exercise police authority beyond their primary jurisdiction when, for example, the officer is pursuing someone who committed an offense within the Penn patrol Zone; if the officer is coming to the aid of another police officer, or is on official business and observes a crime being committed.

Additionally, Penn Police have official duties that take them to different parts of the City, including transporting those under arrest to the offender processing center, located at 55th & Pine Streets (Philadelphia Police Department, 18th District); Philadelphia Special Victims Unit; and other locations throughout the city.


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