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The HELP Line

215-898-HELP (4357)

The HELP Line is a 24-hour-a-day phone number for members of the Penn community who are seeking time sensitive help in navigating Penn’s resources for health and wellness.

Any member of the Penn community can utilize this service by calling 215-898-HELP(4357).  Calls will be answered 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by Division of Public Safety professionals trained in mental health referrals by staff from Student Health and Counseling

The HELP Line provides a single point of entry for information about how to get help with personal problems, whether your own or those of a student, partner, friend, or colleague.  It also enables callers to connect with resources and programs to promote health.  

Students who are dealing with the complex emotional challenges of university life can use the HELP Line to receive information and referrals to the many health and wellness resources at Penn, including Student Health and Counseling for medical and counseling services, Student Intervention Services, Public Safety, and others.  They may also call on behalf of a friend or acquaintance.

We encourage faculty and staff to be on alert for students who may be struggling with stress, anxiety, or depression.  We hope you will bring the HELP Line to the attention of students, and use the number yourself whenever you need guidance on how best to offer support and assistance to a student in distress.

For parents, partners, family members, or close friends, we urge you to remind students of the resources available to them, which are listed below, and to notify the University (by calling the HELP Line) if you have any concerns about a student’s emotional health.

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Additional resources available to the Penn community include: