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A Message About Online Resources and Support for the Penn Community

To the Penn community,

During these first weeks of the spring semester, I have been sitting down with students, faculty, and staff who are deeply engaged in fostering a vibrant and inclusive environment on our campus. I have talked with the chairs of the Antisemitism Task Force and the Presidential Commission on Countering Hate and Building Community. I have also met with members of the Student Advisory Group on the Jewish student experience and the Student Advisory Group on Muslim, Arab, and Palestinian student experiences, as well as numerous other student, faculty, and staff groups. I am grateful to all who have shared your experiences and perspectives with me.

I have heard in these conversations a troubling and increasing concern about doxing and other forms of online harassment. These types of harassment can feel relentless, terrifying, and personally damaging to those who experience them. Any effort to target or intimidate members of the Penn community is unacceptable. Behavior of this kind is contrary to Penn’s commitment to cultivating an inclusive campus environment that upholds our fundamental values of open expression and the productive exchange of perspectives and ideas. The University remains steadfast in our resolve to hold accountable, through our policies and processes, any person or group affiliated with Penn found to be harassing any other member of our community.

If you are experiencing online harassment or threatening behavior of any kind, please report it to the Division of Public Safety by calling 215-573-3333 for an immediate response or filling out the Online Harassment Report Form for a response within 48 hours. You may also reach out to Special Services at 215-898-4481 or . Additional information can be found on this resource page.

As we approach spring break and look forward to taking some time to rest and recharge, let’s reaffirm our shared commitment to one another—and to robust and civil dialogue that shows respect and moves us forward together.

Warm regards,

John L. Jackson, Jr.