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Annual UPennAlert Drill Runs Smoothly on September 28, 2012

The Division of Public Safety conducted the University’s annual Shelter-in-Place Drill as well as an annual test of the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System on Friday, September 28, 2012.  This test included sending out messages with the use of SMS text, email, and the Penn SOS (Siren Outdoor System).  The Daily Pennsylvnanian, the student-run newspaper at Penn, sent two reporters to follow the testing and view our procedures.  The article they published can be read via this link, and below:

Division of Public Safety tests Emergency Notification System

The DPS alert reached 95 percent of campus

By CAROLINE MEUSER, SPENCER SMALL · September 30, 2012, 10:07 pm

Sirens erupted at Penn Park Friday afternoon, pausing activities for a brief moment as visitors glanced anxiously at the loudspeakers. “Attention. Attention. This is a test,” the voice echoed, and everyone resumed play as the announcement continued.

At exactly 3 p.m., the Division of Public Safety sounded the Siren Outdoor System — a component of the UPennAlert Emergency Notification System, which also includes mass text messages and emails. DPS conducts an annual shelter-in-place drill.

Twenty-two speakers systems relayed the message, covering 95 percent of campus. In total, it took DPS three minutes and 51 seconds to send 34,960 texts and 45,709 emails. This is a rate of about 349 messages per second.

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Students, staff and faculty may sign up for UPennAlert by following this link.