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Lt. Wylie Instructs Chair Yoga Class

If the word “yoga” calls to mind twisted limbs in uncomfortable positions, the benefits and ease of a gentle form of the exercise may come as a surprise.  You can see our own Lt. Wylie teaching a “Chair Yoga” class on the video online in Penn News Today, March 8th, 2012.

Partnered with the Penn Professional Assembly, Lt. John Wylie provided a one hour chair flow yoga session on March 7th at the Amado Recital Room, Irvine Auditorium. Chair flow yoga is a gentle form of yoga practiced while sitting or leaning on a chair for support.  Lt. Wylie is a certified power/flow yoga instructor, and has practiced yoga for over 12 years.

View an article about the class, along with an instructional video, on the Penn Current website: