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Penn #FlattenTheHate Campaign in Support of Asian and Asian-American Community

In light of the horrific events in Georgia yesterday, we wanted to share information on the University’s Task Force on Support to Asian and Asian American Students and Scholars that began in April of 2020 to support those in the Penn community affected by Asian xenophobia and bias, which as you may know has steadily increased during the year-long Coronavirus pandemic.

Over the summer, Penn began a campaign titled #FlattenTheHate, showing members of the Penn community standing in solidarity and support with our Asian and Asian-American community members. For those of you in the University City area, you may see these posters throughout our campus and the surrounding neighborhoods. Below is a brief fact sheet on the Task Force which includes resources for both Penn and community members effected by this unnerving trend.


  • In April 2020, Penn established the Task Force on Support to Asian and Asian-American Students and Scholars to coordinate and enhance support to members of the Penn community experiencing increased stigma, bias, discrimination, and violence during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • These incidents have increased alarmingly since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, especially against people of Asian backgrounds. In March 2020, the Federal Bureau of Investigation warned that “Hate crime incidents against Asian-Americans will likely surge.” Data collected by an Asian-American advocacy organization, meanwhile, record over 1,700 reports of anti-Asian behavior from mid-March to mid-May 2020, and nearly 60% of Asian-Americans in a recent Pew Research Center survey agreed that anti-Asian behavior had become more commonplace since the onset of the pandemic.
  • The Task Force has made working with partners a priority, both in Penn’s neighborhood (like UCD), the city (including Asian-American advocacy organizations), and beyond (like the Japanese American National Museum).
  • The Task Force invites UCD and community partners to join our FlattenTheHate campaign featuring members of the Penn community that aims to raise awareness of anti-Asian bias and encourage all members of the community to stand against it, as well as our Community Discussion Series, which includes panel discussions, documentary film screenings, and Restorative Practice circles.
  • Penn community members affected by anti-Asian behavior can visit our website to find support resources, including ways to report incidents or to be an upstander.
    • If you’re unsure of where to start, contact the Special Services 24-hour helpline at 215.898.6600 or by email at   Special Services is able to assist all Penn students, faculty, and staff regardless of school/center affiliation.

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