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Penn’s MERT Reaches Milestone!

This weekend, the Penn student-operated Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) responded to its 5,000th emergency call as a service. That’s 5,000 times since their inception in 2006 that MERT has helped people in need, no matter the emergency. There are currently 46 active MERT members. The Team averages 12,081 service hours per year. Learn more about MERT’s mission and find out about CPR and First Aid training opportunities at

We offer our congratulations to Chief David Gordon, Captain Ezra Brooks, and all of the dedicated members of Penn MERT!










About MERT: The University of Pennsylvania Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT) is a student-run service organization providing emergency medical services to the University community. The primary purpose of the organization is to complement the emergency medical care provided by the University of Pennsylvania Police Department (UPPD) and the Philadelphia Fire Department (PFD) by providing professional, timely, and high-quality pre-hospital treatment. The secondary purpose of the organization is to provide training and education to students and the community.