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Request a Special Property Check this Winter Break

Under the special checks program, DPS officers check the exterior of registered properties for signs of criminal activity or security breaches at peak travel times during Thanksgiving, Spring and Winter Breaks.

WINTER BREAK Special Checks will begin at 5pm on Monday, December 19 and continue through 3pm on Sunday, January 8.

The program is available, at no charge, to residents in the Penn patrol zone – bounded by 30th Street west to 43rd Street and from Baltimore Avenue north to Market Street.

Students, faculty and staff who live in the patrol zone are encouraged to register their residence.  Be sure to list your contact information, other occupants, landlord if applicable, vacancy dates, scheduled repairs, and someone other than a landlord with access or a key to the property.

Penn Police will periodically check the exterior of registered properties, for signs of criminal activity or security breaches during the break. Special checks can not be provided for interior areas of apartment complexes.

Visit the Property Check page to submit your request today!