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Installing an AED in Your Building

Sudden cardiac arrest is the number one cause of death in the United States and can strike anyone, anywhere. It strikes about 7,000 children and more than 365,000 people in total every year.

At Penn, sudden cardiac arrest can strike students, faculty, staff and visitors, so it is extremely important to be prepared to respond quickly to sudden cardiac arrest. Having an accessible Automated External Defibrillator (AED) used to quickly deliver a life-saving shock often means the difference between life and death. When a victim experiences sudden cardiac arrest, every minute counts; every minute a victim goes without defibrillation, the chances for survival decrease by 7%-10%. But having an AED installed at your location can allow on-site trained responders, or nearby emergency responders, deliver potentially life-saving defibrillation therapy quickly and effectively.

Have an AED Installed Today!

Join your Penn colleagues in the schools and centers that have already chosen to take part in the Penn HeartSafe program. By doing so, you help Penn continue to be a healthier and safer institution for our entire community.


The Office of the Deputy Chief of Police, Tactical and Emergency Readiness, Michael Fink at 215-898-9935 or email Deputy Chief Fink at mfink{at}


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