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Roles & Responsibilities

Join the PennReady team and help your building be prepared should an emergency ever occur. Below are the different roles and responsibilities that you can have as a PennReady Team Member.

Building Emergency Coordinator

Every building will have an assigned, responsible party designated to implement evacuation and Shelter-In-Place procedures. The Building Administrator, House Dean, Housing Manager On-Duty (HMOD), or another designated party will fill the role of Building Emergency Coordinator to ensure the safe evacuation or Shelter-In-Place of individuals with-in campus buildings.


This person will develop an evacuation plan indicating all available fire exits in his/her assigned building. In conjunction with the Division of Public Safety’s Department of Fire and Emergency Services, the Building Emergency Coordinator will appoint Emergency Team Leaders and Emergency Team Members to direct and control the movement of evacuees and to insure accountability and relocation for all building occupants when necessary.

Emergency Team Leader

A designated party, such as a RA (Resident Advisor) or GA (Graduate Associate), who will be responsible for all occupants on a floor of a building in all matters pertaining to emergency drills, building evacuations or Shelter-In-Place. Emergency Team Leaders report to the Building Emergency Coordinator.


This person will knock on doors en-route to the exit to assist in the complete evacuation on the floor. The Emergency Team Leader will report the conditions inside of the building (i.e. fire or smoke), or persons unable to evacuate to the Building Emergency Coordinator at the designated Building Area of Refuge. The personal safety of the Emergency Team Leader takes precedence over assuring complete evacuation of the floor.

Emergency Team Member

Is a designated party assigned to a specific floor or a specific area of a floor. The Emergency Team Member shall lead people within their area of responsibility in a safe and orderly manner to the nearest available exit on a floor. Emergency Team Members report to the Emergency Team Leader.


This person shall be aware of any individuals with disabilities and provide for their evacuation to a safe area until the arrival of emergency responders. Emergency Team Members report to the Emergency Team Leader at the Building Area of Refuge to account for all persons including any persons with disabilities awaiting evacuation.

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