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Safety Guidelines & Requirements

In order to create a safe and secure environment for all University members and affiliates, it is essential to have vital safety and security procedures established. The Safety Guidelines Manual not only illustrates the actions that need to be taken in an emergency, but is an educational tool for best practices on how to be diligent and pragmatic in the preparation and response to the countless safety scenarios the campus population may encounter.

The most precious resources at the University of Pennsylvania are the people that study, live, work and enjoy this world-renowned institution. Penn places the highest priority on establishing the safest operational environment for the campus-community; but it must always be remembered, that safety is a shared responsibility. It starts with each individual on campus and expands to encompass the entire Penn community.

The Division of Public Safety urges you to actively participate in a comprehensive safety plan that coincides with the guidelines in this manual. To help become a part of the “shared responsibility” initiative, please contact the Division of Public Safety’s Department of Fire & Emergency Services at 215-573-7857.

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All information provided in this manual was compiled from a number of acknowledged safety-related industry sources, and local, state and nationally recognized codes and standards. However, these guidelines do not purport to be all-inclusive and will not cover every safety scenario encountered on the campus.

The Department of Fire and Emergency Services (FES) within the Division of Public Safety is the administrator of this manual and stands ready to research or refer safety questions to obtain contemporary subject-matter and expert opinions for all types of safety issues.

Questions or concerns can be directed to FES by calling 215-573-7857.