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GPS Tracking

As cell phone technology has become more accessible, the population is relying less on traditional landline telephones in favor of their mobile devices. This trend presents a complication for PennComm dispatchers when they receive calls in the Penn Patrol Zone. When a call is made to PennComm from a landline phone, the address associated with the telephone number is transmitted with the call. Calls made from cell phones, however, will not transmit a location since they are not associated with a static address (i.e. a house). Penn Guardian removes this complication by supplying the location of calls made to PennComm from cell phones that have been registered.

When users call 215-573-3333 from their registered cell phone, their profile and location will appear to the PennComm dispatcher. This will help dispatchers relay more accurate and timely information about the caller to first responders.

This is especially important if the caller cannot identify their location to the dispatcher. The technology used by Penn Guardian finds callers with the Penn Guardian App to within a three meter radius of their actual location.

The GPS feature is available for users with GPS-enabled cell phones on the Sprint, AT&T and Verizon networks. If GPS is not enabled, or if users have another wireless service provider, Penn Guardian will utilize cell tower triangulation to approximate the location of the phone.

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Your Privacy

The information you choose to include in the Penn Guardian profile is kept completely confidential. PennComm or any entity at the University can not locate using your phone’s GPS service any other time. PennComm dispatchers only see this information when you call 215-573-3333 and can not be viewed at any other time.

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