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Personal Profile

guardian-logoWhen you register your phone for the Penn Guardian Service you may create a unique profile. Here you will be able to enter information (all information is optional) about yourself.

Dispatchers are only able to view information the user has chosen to provide, and only for the amount of time necessary to address the emergency.

For this feature to be useful to responders, it is extremely important that all information be up to date. To update your profile at any time, simply visit the Penn Guardian App (named “Guardian”). The more information you include on their profile, the easier it will be for Public Safety to assist you.

Information you can include

Users have the option to enter information such as height, weight, medical issues, and any other relevant details they choose.

It is highly recommended that users include details such as vehicle information, address information, emergency contacts and important medical information. Users should also include a current photo.

Your Privacy

The information you choose to include in the Penn Guardian profile is kept completely confidential. PennComm or any entity at the University can not locate using your phone’s GPS service any other time. PennComm dispatchers only see this information when you call 215-573-3333 and can not be viewed at any other time.

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