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Off Campus Residential

Tips to Follow

  • Peepholes are important for your security. Know who is at your door before permitting entry.
  • Ask to see the identification of visitors you don’t know.
  • Keep doors and first floor windows locked at all times.
  • Always double check doors and windows before leaving your residence. Make certain they are locked even if you are out for only a few minutes.
  • Keep keys in your possession. Don’t place them under mats, over doors, in mail slots, or in the other obvious hiding places.
  • If you return to your residence and you think it has been entered illegally, do not enter. Call the Philadelphia Police at 911, or University Police, at 511 or 215-573-3333.
  • Draw curtains or blinds after dark. Never dress in front of a window; your silhouette may be visible from the street and may alert outsiders of the gender and number of occupants.
  • Keep valuables out of sight. Do not place purses, portable radios, stereos, television sets, or other such articles near a window: glass can be smashed and objects stolen.
  • Don’t advertise. Never leave a note on the door stating you are not at home. Use only your last name and first initial on the door, the mailbox, and in telephone books. Consider excluding your street address from directory listings.
  • Be knowledgeable about various types of locks and security devices.
  • Ask your landlord to install new locks when you move to a new house or apartment. You don’t know who has keys from the previous resident.
  • Establish a buddy system with a neighbor. Each should be wary of anything out of the ordinary, in and around the others’ premises. Let your neighbor know when you will be arriving home late.Take in each other’s mail and newspapers in the event of vacations or absences for more than a day.
  • Cooperate with all other tenants in keeping outer doors locked. Don’t release door locks unless you are sure of who is requesting entrance.
  • Notify the building manager if you leave for an extended vacation.
  • Use a timer for lamps or a radio to give your apartment an occupied look or sound.
  • Keep a photographic inventory of your possessions. Write the date and place of purchase, cost, serial number and other identifying information on the back of each photo. Use an engraver to inscribe your driver’s license number on property.
  • Mention what items have security coding when reporting lost or stolen items. NOTE: This will aid in preparing insurance claims and can also facilitate the return of recovered items.
  • Keep money, jewels, and valuable collections to a minimum. Use safe deposit boxes.
  • Avoid riding in an elevator by yourself with a stranger, especially if you feel uncomfortable for any reason. In a parking garage, you can wait in your car rather than ride with an unknown person.
  • Never answer personal questions on the telephone. Never admit that you are alone or that you live alone. If you receive an obscene telephone call, quietly hang up. If anonymous telephone calls are received, notify the Bell of Pennsylvania Annoyance Calls Center, 1-800-662-7152.
  • Call the police if a threat is received or obscene calls persist.
  • All entrances to your home should be well lit. If you live in an apartment building, make sure all halls are properly illuminated; if they are not, notify the landlord.
  • Consider how you, as a tenant, can help make public areas more controlled and secure.
  • Develop a building patrol or watch program.
  • Report any suspicious sounds, activities, automobiles, or behavior that you see to the police.

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