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College House & On Campus

Tips to Follow

  • Keep doors locked, even if you are away for only a few minutes. An unlocked door at night, and particularly during the day, can be an invitation to trouble.
  • Remember that most losses occur during the day. Residence doors have peepholes that should be used before permitting entry to anyone.
  • If the peephole is broken or missing, notify the receptionist and make a request for service.
  • Keep an accurate inventory of your possessions.
  • If you return to your residence and suspect that it has been entered illegally, do not enter. Call University Police, at 511 or (215) 573-3333. Always keep your keys in your possession. Never place them under mats, over doors, or in any other obvious hiding places.
  • If someone you don’t know calls for permission to enter your residence, do not permit entry. If someone you don’t know tries to enter a building behind you or asks to go past the security checkpoint with you for any reason, respond with an emphatic “NO!”. By using good judgment, you can help ensure your own safety and that of others.
  • If you observe suspicious behavior in a corridor or lounge, or if someone knocks on your door to solicit, call the reception desk or University Police.
  • Never confront or ignore a stranger.
  • Most residence elevators, rooftop lounges, and reception desks are equipped with emergency telephones, providing a direct line to University Police when the receiver is removed from the cradle or the button is pressed.
    • No dialing is necessary and the dispatcher can pinpoint the location of the call immediately.
    • If possible, give a description of your circumstance. In a residence, screaming may sound like horseplay.
  • In an emergency, be specific by shouting “Help!” “Police!” or “Fire!” In all activities, use common sense and be conscious of your surroundings.
  • Know your neighbors, don’t ignore hazardous situations, and don’t create them for others.

Tips to keep your Residence Safe

Whether you live on campus or off following these simple tips can keep you and your roommates safe.

  • DO NOT let anyone “tailgate” you into a building. It is OK to tell someone that they will have to wait to be let in by the person they are visiting.
  • DO NOT prop doors
  • Get to know your neighbors
  • DO NOT leave windows open or unsecured when you leave your residence, even if for only a few minutes.
  • Lock and secure first floor windows at night when you go to sleep
  • ALWAYS lock your door.
  • Call the Penn Police at 215-573-3333 (511 from campus phone) if you feel unsafe or notice suspicious activity
  • Report issues such as broken windows, lights or locks


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