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Emergency Procedures

Knowing how to react during an emergency can save your life. Familiarize yourself with the procedures below.

When an emergency event unfolds on campus, will you be ready to take the appropriate actions to remain free from harm? Fire, severe weather conditions, hazardous material, finding a suspicious package, or a person intent on doing harm to others are all realistic scenarios that occur on college campuses around the world. Simple and decisive actions taken in response to an evolving emergency can mean the difference between death or serious injury and staying safe. The basic concepts used to keep people safe in an emergency are knowing how to Evacuate, Shelter-In-Place, and Lockdown.

Watch the short video below to learn about key emergency procedures: Evacuate, Shelter-in-Place, and Lockdown.


Emergency Procedures

To review the definitions and subsequent procedures, click on any scenario to the right.

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