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Operation Theft Awareness

Theft is the most reported crime within the Penn Patrol Zone. Of all thefts reported the majority are due to unattended or improperly secured items.

The Campaign

OPERATION THEFT AWARENESS is an educational campaign, launched in collaboration with the Undergraduate Assembly (UA), Graduate and Student Professional Assembly (GAPSA), United Minorities Council (UMC) and the Medical Emergency Response Team (MERT), to further promote the idea that “Safety & Security is a Shared Responsibility.”

The goal is to educate all members of the Penn community and visitors to our University City retail stores and restaurants about the dangers of leaving personal items unattended or improperly secured. With the overall success of the campaign’s launch in January of 2008, Operation Theft Awareness has now become an on going educational component to the Division’s public safety program.

Theft: More Than Just Personal Property

Serious consequences are associated with theft of personal items. Besides the loss of personal property, theft is also inconvenient and may result in the loss of things that are of substantial emotional and professional significance.

Unattended and improperly secured items put you at greater risk of theft, which can result in:

  • Identify theft
  • Loss of irreplaceable photos
  • Loss of all of your phone contact numbers
  • Loss of important work, such as a thesis or research analysis

Before you walk away from your property: Stop, Think & Secure

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